Tetra ClearChoice PF-1 Gravity Bio Pond Filter - Black - 16783

Tetra ClearChoice PF-1 Gravity Bio Pond Filter - Black - 16783
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TetraPond® ClearChoice™ Biofilters

Maintain a healthy and clear pond with TetraPond® ClearChoice™ Biofilters. Ornamental fish can overload a pond ecosystem with ammonia and other pollutants. ClearChoice™ biofiltration removes these contaminants and ammonia using its advanced Trickle Flow and Bio Ring technologies.

  • Easy out-of-pond accessibility and simple maintenance.
  • Mechanical pre-filter sponges-remove suspended debris to improve water clarity.
  • Bio Ring media provide massive surface areas for beneficial aerobic bacteria to  adhere to and multiply. Aerobic bacteria eat the ammonia toxins created by fish waste and decomposing plant materials.
  • TetraPond® internal spray systems and Trickle Flow technology disperses pond water slowly and evenly through the Bio Rings ensuring that there is sufficient oxygen to provide optimal biofiltration conditions.
  • 1.25" drain fitting
  • Interchangeable .75", 1" intake fittings
  • Venturi inlet aerates water and thus enhances bio-activity
  • NOW - Black in Color
  • Manufacturer's Instruction Manual

Available Models:
  • PF-1 for ponds up to 1200 gal

  • Whats Included in the box:
    • Black Color - PF-1 Filter with Lid
    • 1 Blue Filter pad
    • 1 Black Filter pad
    • Plastic Bio ring media
    • Fittings package and instruction manual

    4 Stages of Clean Choice Cycle:
    • Intake - Water is pumped into top inlet and dispersed by Trickle-Flow spray bar.
    • Mechanical Filtration - Sponged debris removed by filter sponge pads.
    • Bio-Filtration - Water trickles over the bio-rings that provide massive surface area for aerobic bacteria to thrive:
      Venturi inlet supplies oxygen for aerobic bacteria. The beneficial bacteria on the bio-rings convert ammonia into nitrites and the nitrates.
    • Discharge and Nitrate Removed - Purified water is discharged out the bottom of filter to the pond. Nitrates can be removed from the pond by aquatic plants and/or partial water changes.

    TetraPond Biofilters Role In The Nitrogen Cycle

    TetraPond Biofilters remove toxic ammonia using its advanced Trickle Flow and Bio Ring technologies.

    Beneficial bacteria that adhere to the Bio Rings, convert ammonia first to nitrites, and then to nitrates which are then used by aquatic plants as nutrients.

    The UV Clarifier works by using Ultra Violet light which kills algae cells as they pass through the clarifier. The dead algae and other contaminants are then removed by the Biofilter. Easily connect a Tetra GreenFree UV to these Bio Filters. Designed to work together simultaneously.

    Filter Specifications:
    Maximum Recommended Pond Maximum Flow Rate Size of Filter Inlet Size
    1200 Gallons
    (or with 500 gallon Koi Ponds)
    550 GPH Dia. 15.25" Ht. 12.5" 3/4" or 1" Barbed

    Note: This is a gravity filter. This means that the water will not go upwards from the filter. It will only fall down from the filter by gravity.

    Product Reviews

    5 stars based on 4 reviews 
    Cincinnati, Ohio
    123 Ponds has the solution! Murky pond no more! I have been having trouble with needing to clean my filter every week and it's the only way to keep the water clear!
    Pros:This Tetra filter not only solved the problem I now have 45 days service life between cleanings and I think it will be longer!
    Cons:No real issues with anything about it! Very simple to set up and run
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    Excellent product and service We had to replace our old Terra Biofilter so we got this one. Works great and this new model is smaller and black, less noticeable as we dont have any easy way to hide it. 123ponds got our order to us quickly. Great customer service, which seems to becoming a rarer commodity these days.
    0 of 0 found this review helpful Was this review helpful to you? Yes / No
    10250 seashore hwy bridgeville delaware
    Bio filter Excellent
    Pros:Easy to set up
    0 of 0 found this review helpful Was this review helpful to you? Yes / No
    Wauchula, Fl
    I bought this system along with the UV light. Within a 1 day, we could see a differance. Now a week later my fish pond is almost as clear as the day I first filled it. We can honestly say this product along with the UV light are the best.
    4 of 4 found this review helpful Was this review helpful to you? Yes / No
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