SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: We want to let you know our warehouse is fully operational and staffed full time. We have increased our sanitizing efforts by all staff well above required efforts. Health and cleanliness are our #1 concern.
We hope that you will continue to trust us as you have for the past 20 years and look forward to continuing to serve you during this epic time.

Rain Harvesting

Rain Harvesting Systems

How It Works:

Rainwater is collected from the gutter downspout and flows into the Clean Rain Ultra downspout diverter, which cleans waste, dirt and debris from the water. After the first flush of water is sent to waste clean water then flows to the Eco-Blox cistern to be stored for future use.

Typical Installation

Rain Harvesting 3

Pond-Free Installation

Rain Harvesting 2

Paver Stone Installation

Rain Harvesting 1