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Pond Free Reservoir Volume Calculator

Pond Free Reservoir Volume and Reservoir Cube Calculator

When the pump initiates, it draws water from the reservoir to saturate the streambed, cascading from its highest point to its lowest until the excess flows back into the reservoir, finalizing the loop. This quantity of water required to complete the circuit is termed the "transitional" water volume. Should the reservoir prove insufficient in size or the streambed inadequately constructed, the reservoir's water level might plummet below the pump's intake before the cycle concludes, posing a risk of overheating and damaging the pump. To mitigate this risk, calculate the transitional water volume, then engineer the reservoir to accommodate at least threefold of this volume. This ensures that even when the pump is activated, the water level never diminishes by more than one-third, guaranteeing the pump remains safely submerged throughout its operation.

TIP: For projects demanding larger basin volumes with restricted space (surface area): We suggest digging deeper and adding extra layers of reservoir blocks. Each layer of the Full Size Reservoir Cube you add augments the depth of your excavation by 17.5 inches. Also add (1) Pump Vault Extension for every extra layer of full size reservoir cube.
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