SL 200 Watt Plastic Unit, 3", Wiper, 1/Lamp, 240V/60HZ

SL 200 Watt Plastic Unit, 3", Wiper, 1/Lamp, 240V/60HZ
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The Aqua UV SL  Series UVís are ideal for larger ponds, large aquariums, andbigger water features. The SLís rugged design has features that allow for quickinstallation and easy maintenance.

As a Sterilizer this ultraviolet unit will eliminate green water and controlbacteria. The SL 200 Watt, will sterilize up to 17,000 gallons of fresh water @ 30,000 µw/cm2or 1,800 gallons of salt water.

Used as a Clarifier the SL 200 Watt, will control green water in a freshwaterenvironment of up to 30,000 gallons that has 50% to 75% plant coverage and partial shade.

  • Item # AS90203 - SL 200 - Plastic Body with Wiper System - 240V/60hZ
  • Inlet and Outlet - 3" slip x slip with quick disconnect unions
  • Dimensions:51-1/4" x L x 10-1/2" H x 5-1/4" W (Wiper requires additional 17" clearance)
  • Lightweight Design
  • White in Color
  • 240V, 60Hz
  • 8 ft Power cord length
  • LampSize: 200 Watts
  • 240 VoltAmp Draw: 3.00 amps
  • Guaranteed to clear green pond water
  • 14 month lamp life - the longest inthe industry!
  • As a Sterilizer: up to 9,200 GPH (17,00-22,000 gallon pond size)up to 30,000 Ķw/cm2 (EOL) kill rate
  • As a Clarifier: up to 15,000 GPH (up to 30,000 gallon pond size)with 50-75% plant coverage or shade
  • Salt Water Application: up to 9,200 GPH depending on kill rate (up to 1,800 gallon tank size) up to 90,000 Ķw/cm2 (EOL) kill rate
  • Click to view AquaSL Series UV Instruction Manual . PDF
  • Complete Unit Includes: Body, NEMA Transformer, Lamp and Sleeve for out of box use.
  • Limited lifetime warranty on the body, 1 year limitedwarranty on transformer, Lamp has a 12 months prorated warranty, warranty excludes quartz sleeve)

This unit is also available without the wiper option.Click here forthe non-wiper model.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is a sterilizer?
A. A sterilizer will eliminate green water,control bacteria, water borne pathogens and safely control fish disease.

What is a clarifier?
As aclarifier the single celled algae in your pond will be reduced or eliminated.

Whatís the difference between a sterilizer and a clarifier?
As a sterilizer, your Aqua UV system will keep your pond or aquariumwater crystal clear in addition, you will have the added benefit of bacterialcontrol which will help keep your fish healthy and happy with less risk ofdisease. As a clarifier your pond will still have a green tint to it, unlessyou have 50-75% plant coverage or your pond is in full shade.

How often should I change my lamp?
The lamp should be changed after 14 months of continuous use.

Is this unit submersible?
No, this unit should never be submerged in water.

Can this unit be used outdoors?
This unit is designed for both indoor or outdoor use.

Does this uv unit include a pump and tubing?
Unfortunately not; every situation is different and therefore it wouldbe difficult to include a one size fits all approach.  

Do ultraviolet lights kill string algae or algae on the walls or liner?
Ultraviolet lights only kill singlecelled algae which passes through the unit and cannot kill off other types ofalgea.

What should I expect after my UV is installed?
If your Aqua Ultraviolet system is installed after the filter and isproperly sized the water should be clear in 3-5 days and sometimes overnight. If your Aqua Ultravioletsystem is installed before the filter the water should be clear in 7-10 days.The green algae on the sides and bottom of the pond will not disappear, this isnormal in a pond. The UV does not control this type of algae.

Q. Is there a difference between a black or white ultravioletunit?
The color of the body does not change a thing in the effectivenessor life expectancy of the unit. Just a personal choice.

Out of Pond Use Only! Not too beSubmerged.

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