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Out of Stock - Replaced by the Savio High Output 55 Watt UVinex System - Same overall system but now 5 watts stronger

The New Stainless Steel Uvinex system is even more durable with its stainless junction and longer lasting transformer for a natural and safe approach to control unwanted algae.

When properly used these UVinex systems also assist in the control of parasites and bacteria. Providing clear, clean, safe, pristine water. Great when children and pets are around.

UV units are sized according to the gallons in your pond and pump flow. To operate most effectively, run the total volume of pond water past the UVinex every one to two hours:

  • Manufacturer Item # SUV050A (Replaces SUV050)
  • 50 Watt UVinex - Stainless Steel
  • 120 Volts / 60hZ
  • 18.50" Long
  • 20ft Power Cord
  • Exclusively for use in Savio Full-Size SkimmerFilters ONLY
  • Brand New Stainless model with New Advanced transformer
  • Up to 4,500 gallons use (1) 50 Watt UVinex - For up to 9,000 gallons use (2) 50 Watt UVinex units.
  • Maximum pump flow 4,750 GPH per lamp (minimum 50% of total volume of pond water per hour (gph)
  • Includes: 4 Pin - 50W Coated Lamp, New Style Transformer and compression fittings for convenient out of box operation.

Product Description:

Savio's Latest 4th Generation UV Clarifier with Stainless junction is the product of many years of R&D. Introducing the latest breakthrough in clear water technology - UVinex. Safe chemical free algae control in a sleek, new design exclusive to Savio. Coated bulb technology does away with fragile glass sleeves and is virtually maintenance free - simply wipe clean with a damp cloth to restore full effectiveness.

UVinex Product Manual:


UVinex Instruction Booklet

What comes in the box:

  • Savio UVinex Stainless Steel UV Unit Head
  • 50 Watt UVinex Coated Lamp with 4 Pins
  • Transformer / Ballast with 20ft grounded power cord
  • Mounting screw
  • Instructions

Important Note:

The UVinex unit will require a special Retrofit Bracket for mounting into the older full-size SkimmerFilters manufactured before 2007. This bracket is available at a small cost. Available for either right side or left side mount. Side is selected based on standing behind the skimmer and facing the pond.

Please select the option above to add the bracket to your order.

Product Reviews

4.5 stars based on 3 reviews 
Awesome! It's amazing how it works! In a few days a completely green pond is clear you can see the bottom.
The only reason 4 stars instead of 5 is the price.
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Spencerport, New York
Savio 50W UVinex Unit is Fantastic After fighting to clear my pond with chemical and natural methods, I still couldn't clear it until I tried this UV unit three years ago. Unfortunately, my first unit died due to my carelessness. The second one, recently ordered, cleared my pond in just a few days just as well as the first one. I strongly suggest turning the unit off before it gets to freezing temps and removing it from the water during the winter months. Our particularly cold winter froze the top several inches of the water and cracked the glass of the lamp tube. It also damaged my pump, but that is a different story. To anybody trying to understand why my first unit failed- The icy water and the heat from the lamp caused the plastic lamp covering to split. This let water in. The cold water against the hot glass caused a crack letting water into the lamp. This I found out killed the power supply. Attempts at using new lamps didn't work.
Pros:Clears your pond water quickly.
Specifically designed for Savio filters (newest versions).
Mounts easily with one screw, if you have the correct mounting on your filter. 123 Ponds has the correct one if you don't.
Cord is very long with the power supply conveniently near the end furthest away from the pond.
Cons:Not designed to fit the original (oldest) Savio filter without some small modification. Correct mounting is available from
Expensive, but ultimately cheaper than spending money on all the other attempts to clear the water.
May not survive very deep freeze conditions. It would be better if the unit had a connector several feet away from the lamp to facilitate lamp removal in the winter.
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Spencerport, New York
Savio 50watt UVinex Unit is amazing My pond was green, couldn't see down more than 2-3 inches. Tried chemical solutions in the past which worked for a while, but then back to murky water. I knew I needed to try a UV light. For my 2500 gallon pond a 26w unit was the recommended size, but then I read that if you don't have good shade coverage, you should use the next higher size. The 50 watt model is expensive, but I needed to do something and didn't want to waste more money on useless other solutions that only worked for a short time at best. My 50 watt model arrived on a Saturday and I had it install in less than 15 minutes. I expected it to take months to clear my pond, if at all, but two days later I could see fish down to about six inches. Within about one week I could see the bottom again. Awesome! Haven't seen the bottom this clearly in years. I'm sure my fish are happier too.
Pros:*Quickly clears the water.
*Less work, no more chemical applications.
*Cheaper in the long run.
*Long cord with the (water proof) power supply at the plug end.
Cons:*It is hard to know that the UV light is ON. It would be nice if the unit had an indicator LED that let you know that the unit was ON and that the bulb was still good.
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