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Microbe-Lift Pondless Waterfall Kit

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Microbe-Lift Pondless Waterfall Kit

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MICROBE-LIFT/ PL & MICROBE-LIFT/ OXY POND CLEANER will safely & effectively break down unsightly debris, prevent odor & deep clean rocks in your pondless waterfall!

MICROBE-LIFT/ PL is the #1 selling bacterial additive on the market!  It will create a cleaner environment for your pondless waterfall by dissolving away organic sludge.   It seeds and maintains biological filters and significantly reduces hydrogen sulfide and other strong, offensive, noxious odors by breaking down dead algae and reducing the buildup of bird droppings, dead leaves and fish feed, improving dissolved oxygen levels and reducing biological oxygen demand (B.O.D.)

Each pack includes:

  • 1 x Qt Microbelift PL
  • 1 x 2lb Microbelift OPC/Oxy Pond Cleaner

  • MICROBE-LIFT/ PL is effective over a wide range of pH conditions and contains photosynthetic bacteria which reduces cloudy water by promoting flocculation and settling of inorganic particles.

    MICROBE-LIFT/ OPC OXY POND CLEANER uses Oxygen Power to safely breakdown all areas of unsightly, light-to-heavy debris accumulation on rocks, waterfalls and streams, and deep cleans rocks and planters.  Especially helpful on waterfalls, it oxidizes and detoxifies, helping to prevent pond odors.  MICROBE-LIFT/ OPC OXY POND CLEANER is 100% safe when use as directed.

    MICROBE-LIFT/ OPC OXY POND CLEANER works best in warmer weather.  To achieve the best results, shut down waterfalls and clean out as much accumulated debris as possible.  Treatment is as simple as sprinkling over areas with debris build-up!  To maintain a continued proper ecosystem in your pondless waterfall, always add MICROBE-LIFT/ PL or any bacterial/ enzymatic treatment, 48 hours after using MICROBE-LIFT/ OPC OXY POND CLEANER.


    1.   Apply MICROBE-LIFT/ PL as directed on the MICROBE-LIFT/ PL box for the first four weeks.

    2.  After the first four weeks, continue adding MICROBE-LIFT/ PL at the Maintenance Dosage once or twice per month to maintain water clarity, eliminate orders and reduce bottom solids accumulation.

    3.  Apply MICROBE-LIFT/ OPC OXY POND CLEANER as indicated on label, to break down any organic accumulation that builds up on rocks or other surfaces in the pondless waterfall.  MICROBE-LIFT/ OPC OXY POND CLEANER will also assist MICROBE-LIFT/ PL in the breakdown of accumulated bottom solids.

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    Microbe-Lift Pondless Waterfall Kit