Microbe-Lift TAC - Totally Active Clarifier - Dry Bacterial Cultures - 16oz - MLXTAC16

Microbe-Lift TAC - Totally Active Clarifier - Dry Bacterial Cultures - 16oz - MLXTAC16
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Microbe-lift/TAC (Totally Active Clarifiers) contains billions of select microorganisms per gram in combination with proprietary microbial support constituents, carbon-platelets, buffers and essential sea salt to promote a healthy pond environment. Contains no messy fillers. A 100% active and 100% water soluble bio formulation designed specifically for pond water.

* Can be used with other Microbe-Lift Products.
* Promotes clean, clear, odor-free ponds.

Microbe-lift/TAC (Totally Active Clarifiers) is formulated specifically to promote clear, clean pond water by developing highly active microbial populations and eliminate all organic waste matter from your pond system.

Microbe-lift/TAC (Totally Active Clarifiers) aids in the development of necessary bio-films on pond surfaces, seeds bio-filters by removing waste the natural way to benefit fish and all aquatic plant life. Contains only natural safe ingredients - No fillers. It is safe for all marine life, pets people and the environment. A natural safe solution to your pond problems.
Additional Information:

1. MICROBE-LIFT/TAC does not have photosynthetic bacteria, which is one of the keys to the performance of MICROBELIFT/PL and what sets it above all other biological products for ponds. Unfortunately, no one has been successful to this point at preserving photosynthetic cultures in dry form. These photosynthetic bacteria are a valuable source of ML/PL's ability to clarify water and are capable of tapping into a potent source of energy to do this—the sun. Many of these photosynthetic bacteria are also potent detoxifiers of water.

2. The organisms in ML/TAC are not grown together in the same container, as the ML/PL is. As a result, you don't get the same “ecosystem in a bottle” that you get with the ML/PL, and as a result, not quite the same ability to ecologically balance your pond.

3. The ML/TAC has powdered activated carbon which is well known for its abilities to clarify water by providing a point surface for bacteria to grow on. It then acts as a weighting agent to help these bacteria settle to the bottom, thus removing turbidity associated with dispersed bacteria. The carbon also acts as a detoxifier by adsorbing micro amounts of toxic materials; i.e. pesticides that can make their way into a pond.

4. ML/TAC also has sodium bicarbonate—a buffer that can help stabilize the pH.

5. ML/TAC has sea salt that helps to induce a protective slime layer on fish.

6. ML/TAC dry formulation has no odor.

  • Keeps water clean
  • Eliminates organic buildup
  • Significantly improves water quality and appearance
  • Buffers/aids in pH control
  • Improves marine life quality
  • Promotes essential bio-film development
  • Promotes bio-filter performance
  • Beneficial to water plant root systems
  • To calculate number of gallons in the pond:

    Multiply: Length (ft.) x width (ft.) x depth (ft.) x 7.5 = total gals.

    Basic application Rates:

    Weekly First 4 Weeks Maintenance - Twice Monthly
    1oz. (2 tbsp.) for every
    250 gallons of pond water.
    1oz. (2 tbsp.) for every
    250 gallons of pond water.

    Large ponds of 2000-5000 gallons may require additional microbial assistance based on pond surface area, higher levels of animal waste and wind blown organic matter.

    Application may be determined by pond water clarity.

    Product Reviews

    4.5 stars based on 2 reviews 
    Very clean water Works great, keeps fish and plants healthy, crystal clear water even if your pond is in the sun. Very easy to use.
    Pros:Best product I've used
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    Microbe lift I used this last year and it was wonderful. I let t he pond go to longand it is taking longer to get clear water. I know it will get there.
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