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Microbe-Lift/BMC - Biological Mosquito Control - 128oz - Gallon Size

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Microbe-Lift/BMC - Biological Mosquito Control - 128oz - Gallon Size

Product Features
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Microbe-lift/BMC kills developing mosquitoes before they become breeding, biting adults. Specially formulated for decorative water gardens, fountains, birdbaths and areas where standing water exists. Recommended for use with all Microbe-Lift bacteria and enzyme products. Kills the larvae of mosquitoes adults which may transmit WEST NILE VIRUS and EQUINE ENCEPHALITIS and HEARTWORM DISEASE to dogs and cats.

Product Description:
  • Biological larvicide (B.T.I. - Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies israelensis, solids, spores, and insecticidal toxins ) Active ingredient
  • Can be used in water gardens that contain live fish and plants
  • Can be used for fungus gnat larvae in hydroponics
  • 540 sq. ft. coverage per teaspoon
  • Safe for fish and plants
  • Up to 14 days activity depending on application site
  • Disperses evenly in water
  • Liquid Product for easy dispensing
  • No fish toxicity
  • No toxicity to non-targeted invertebrates
  • No potential for resistance development in the target mosquito population
  • No adverse aesthetics to the pond
  • No organic or inorganic residues
  • Can be applied to areas used by or in contact with animals, horses, livestock, pets, birds and wildlife

Directions for use:

Basic Application Rates

For Mosquito Control - Use 6 drops per 100 gallons of water

128oz - (1 Gallon Bottle)
Treatment Treats a 40,000 gallon pond for up to 9 months
or Treats a 80,000 gallon pond for up to 4.5 months

For fungus gnats - Use 6 drops per gallon of water

Not for Sale, Distribution or Use and cannot ship to New York, Texas or Canada

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Microbe-Lift/BMC - Biological Mosquito Control - 128oz - Gallon Size