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MicrobeLift Dry Ammonia Remover with Chlor-Am-X - 55 lb. Bulk Bag

MicrobeLift Dry Ammonia Remover with Chlor-Am-X  -  55 lb. Bulk Bag
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MICROBE-LIFT/Dry Ammonia Removercontains ClorAm-X® patented molecule that will remove 1 ppm of ammonia withevery dose. It is so safe it may be dosed up to 10x the standard dose with notoxicity. MICROBE-LIFT/Dry Ammonia Remover uses a PATENTED process thatremoves chlorine, DESTROYS chloramines and completely ELIMINATES the ammoniathat is left behind when the chloramine bond is broken. Used by fishtransporters worldwide. May be used for all fish intended for humanconsumption. May be used with marine invertebrates, fresh water invertebrates,crustaceans and mollusks. Water treated with Microbe-Lift Dry Ammonia Removercan not be accurately tested using Nessler’s type ammonia tests or winklerstests.

Please use salicylate test kits for detecting ammonia levels.

1 oz. of powder will remove 1mg/L of total ammonia for 72+ hours! Suitable for shrimp, shellfish and fishintended for human consumption

Product Description:
  • Can be combined with antibioticsand anesthetics
  • Completely safe for Biofilters
  • Tested with shrimp, shellfish,aquatic invertebrate
  • MICROBE-LIFT/Dry Ammonia Remover isthe ONLY ammonia remover that has an FDA letter of determination
  • Can be used in any watertemperature above 32º F (0º C)
  • Has no smell and is colorless insolution

  • Removes & Detoxifies: Ammonia, Chloramines & Chlorine
    Direction for use:
    Foreach measured, or anticipated, 1 mg/L total ammonia: 1 oz of ClorAm-Xwill treat 235 gals of water. It will remove 1 ppm of total ammonia, 3.2ppm chloramines and 2.0 ppm chlorine.  
    Basic Application Rates
    1 ozTreatsup to 235 Gallons
    1 lbTreats up to 3,760 Gallons
    5 lbTreats up to 18,800 Gallons
    10 lbTreats up to 37,600 Gallons
    55 lbTreats up to 206,800 Gallons
    For total ammonia-nitrogen, multiply the above dosages by 0.8

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