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EcoFix Pond Clarifier - 64oz Bottle - 147D

EcoFix Pond Clarifier - 64oz Bottle - 147D
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Product Details

Makes pond water clean andclear. Breaks down dead algae. Increases the concentration of dissolvedoxygen in pond water. Helps create a healthy ecosystem for pond fish. Can beused in ponds containing salt.
Product Description:
EcoFix helps create a healthy ecosystem for pondfish, makes pond water clean and clear, breaks down dead algae and increasesoxygen levels in pond water.

Murky, cloudy water keeps you from enjoying your pond and fish as much as youwould like. In addition, dissolved organics and sludge build up and reduce theoxygen concentration in the water, creating a breeding ground fordisease-causing, pathogenic bacteria.

EcoFix contains five strains of live bacteria that digest sludge and reducedissolved organics, making pond water clean and clear. The bacteria, whichremain in a dormant state until added to the pond, become active and beginconsuming the organic substances responsible for cloudy, hazy pond water. EcoFixwill never smell like "rotten eggs" which is caused by the build-up of toxichydrogen sulfide. EcoFix needs no refrigeration and should be stored at roomtemperature. Accidental freezing of the product will not reduce its performancein the pond. In cold water (below 40°F) the activity of EcoFix, as with allbacterial products, will be reduced.
Direction for use:
Shake well before using

Initial Dose: Add 2 ounces (60 ml) for every 250 U.S. gallons (945 L)twice a week for two weeks.

Maintenance Dose: Add 1 ounce (30 ml) for every 250 U.S. gallons (945L) every two weeks.

End of season: Same as initial dose.

8 oz (237 ml)bottle treats up to 2,000 U.S. gallons
16 oz (473 ml) bottle treats up to 4,000 U.S. gallons
32 oz (946 ml) bottle treats up to 8,000 U.S. gallons
64 oz (1.89 L) bottle treats up to 16,000 U.S. gallons
128 oz (3.78 L) bottle treats up to 32,000 U.S. gallons

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