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Pondmaster 40 Watt Ultraviolet Clarifier - The only Ultraviolet Clarifiers with UL listed Submersible ballasts. Features glowing halo rings that show the light is working, above or below water. The black color makes it unobtrusive wherever it's used. Visible during the day and night from any angle, the soft blue halo shows it's working, but does not detract from the beauty of your pond. Designed to handle the clarifying needs of ponds. This light offers great value, along with ease of use unsurpassed by any other ultraviolet sterilizer. Mfg by E.G. Danner MFG
  • Manufacturer's Part # 02940
  • For in or out of water use
  • Maximum submerged pressure rating - 5 psi
  • Standard 120 Volts / 60hZ - 0.65 amps
  • Unit's vortex flow design exposes water longer to ultraviolet light
  • Glowing monitor halo ringTM, visible from any angle immediately shows it's working
  • All materials used are rugged, uv resistant and suitable for outdoor use.
  • Suitable for most ponds up to 6000 gallons (less with full sun)
  • Using pump flows up to 3000 GPH (gallons per hour)
  • Approximate dimensions assembled: 24" x 3-1/4"
  • 1-1/2" MPT Intake and 1-1/2" MPT Discharge
  • 1 Year limited manufacturers warranty (lamp and quartz sleeve excluded)
  • Manufacturer's Instruction Manual .PDF

What comes in the box:

  • Pondmaster 40 Watt UV Unit Body
  • 40 Watt UV Lamp
  • Quartz Sleeve
  • Transformer / Ballast with 18ft grounded power cord
  • Two oversize Schedule 80 PVC insert elbows
  • Instructions

Pondmaster UV - Vortex Action

Special UV Warning: Avoid exposure to direct or strongly reflected germicidal ultraviolet rays. Germicidal ultraviolet rays are harmful to the eyes and skin. Always turn off power before handling or servicing the unit. Never look directly at the bulb rays. As with all UV lamps, never touch with bare hands. Always use gloves or a towel.

Product Reviews

5 stars based on 4 reviews 
Halls , knoxville
40 w att clarifier Working good, I like the light rings to show that it is on.
Pros:Light rings, kills the algae
Cons:none that I've found yet.
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King George, VA
Great deal for the money Looked around for a week and could not find a better price or a uv light that was submersible. 40 watts for this price and was easy to install in my pond fit the bill. Shipped fast to us. Only 2 days to get it. Very happy with this uv so far. Cleared by green pond overnight.
Pros:Price and quality. Submersible. Fast shipping
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Crystal clear!! Purchased this for our 1200g pond because it was the only one I found that met the specs we needed for gph and hose size. Our pond is in full sun and had turned neon green. Barley straw and BB solutions did nothing and I am not a fan of algaecides. It took 4 days to turn brownish, then kind of milky, then it started clearing up. By the 2 week mark our pond looks absolutely gorgeous, crystal clear all the way to the bottom.
Pros:It works!
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Las vegas
Outstanding Very satisfied
Pros:Great product
Cons:Need various size hose fittings to be included with product
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