Pondmaster - Pro4800 Pump Vault for Maximum Pump Flow: 10,000 GPH with Auto Fill

Pondmaster - Pro4800 Pump Vault for Maximum Pump Flow: 10,000 GPH with Auto Fill
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Pondmaster ProLine - Pro 4800 Pump Vault - Maximum Pump Flow: 10,000 GPH with Auto Fill

Easily create a pondless waterfall in your garden with the Pondmaster ProLine Pump Vault. This vault is ideal for gardens in which you desire a waterfall, but a standing body of water is unsafe or unwanted. This unit houses your submersible pump, while protecting it from dirt and rocks. The horizontal slats throughout the vault allow water to enter, keeping the pump submerged, but prevent dirt and debris from clogging the pump. The vault will rest in a hole which can be filled with water and gravel, to create the appearance of solid ground.

The 3" diameter hole allows tubing to run from the pump to the top of the waterfall without altering the unit. A small notch above the tubing outlet enables you to thread the pump's cord through the vault while keeping the lid on tightly. This vault's innovative design accommodates horizontal or vertical pumps, and the sturdy construction will last for several seasons. Add a waterfall to your garden without creating a pond using this ProLine Pump Vault.

Several advantages including:

  • High Quality Heavy-Duty Components
  • Extremely Sturdy Molded Plastic Construction
  • Strong Enough to resist Collapsing from pressure of the soil and gravel surrounding
  • Reinforced, Tight-Fitting Vault Lid
  • Multiple, Efficient, Non Clogging Water Inlets
  • Horizontal or Vertical Pump Placement
  • AutoFill Valve with Garden Hose Connector
  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty

  • Manufacturer recommended Pumps to work with this Vault: WFP 4000 (02650), WFP 3000 (02660), HY-Drive 1600 (02663), HY-Drive 2000 (02685), HY-Drive 2100 (02665), HY-Drive 2600 (02667), HY-Drive 3000 (02690), HY-Drive 3200 (02680), HY-Drive 4000 (02675), HY-Drive 4800 (02670), HY-Drive 6000 (02683)

  • Instruction Sheet


    • Manufacturer's Part #: 02460
    • Maximum Pump Flow: 10,000 GPH
    • Approximate Dimensions 23" L x 23" W x 25" H
    • Outlet Size: 3"
    • AutoFill Valve with Garden Hose Connector


    • (1) Pro 4800 Pump Vault
    • (1) AutoFill Valve with garden Hose Connector (12480)
    • (1) Instruction Sheet

    NOTE: Item may not be exactly as pictured

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