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The Pondmaster PM2000 Large in pond submersible box filter cleans your pond water from the inside. The Filter System eliminates suspended particles from below the water surface.

  • The Filter System eliminates suspended particles from below the water surface
  • Hooks to intake of most pumps equipped with a threaded intake
  • Coarse polyester media provides mechanical filtration (included)
  • Carbon media provides Chemical filtration (optional)


PM2000 Filter
PM2000 Skimmer Filter
  • Quick and easy installation
  • For use with Inline Pumps 700-1800 Gallons per Hour that have an inline intake area
  • No Liner Cutting, or Major Pond Alterations Necessary
  • Convenient Handle for Taking Filter Out of Water
  • 12" x 24" Size with Locking Handle
  • Includes 1" Tubing and (1) 3/4" MPT Fitting that easily connects to the Pondmaster / Supreme MD9.5 / PM9.5 through MD18 / PM18
  • Connect more than one to a pump by using a standard "T" Fitting.
  • In Pond Use Only
  • Filter Rests on Bottom of Pond
  • Suitable for ponds up to 2000 gallons

Special Note: Your pump must have an intake to connect filter up to. Minimum pump flow is 700 GPH.                         If your pump is under 700 GPH, choose the PM1000 Submersible Filter.

Product Reviews

5 stars based on 1 review 
Northern Colorado
Pros: Great filter. Works well all year.
Cons: A bit inconvenient and hard to clean - you must pull it up from the bottom of the pond and clean with the hose.

I've had a Pondmaster 2000 in my pond for 6 years (That's what was installed in the pond when we moved in). Our pond is 1100 gal and approx 7 x 7 ft x 27 inches deep. This filter sits on the bottom of the pond so that allows us to run the waterfall all year - 365 days a year here even in Northern Colorado. We are a certified wildlife habitat and the pond provides water to wildlife even in the winter. It's amazing how the water in the waterfall continues to flow under the ice even when nights are almost -20* below zero. We generally have 6-8" on ice on the pond all winter.

In the summer I clean the filter every week (and give the algae water after cleaning to the flowers - great fertilizer). We generally have our first hard freeze in Oct-Nov. The fish (goldfish & koi) go dormant and the water surface freezes except for a small spot under the waterfall. It's amazing that this filter does its job all winter from about Sept - April without being cleaned. Generally I can access it again in April and then clean it weekly from May-Sept. So it filters all winter for about 8 months during the pond's dormancy without being cleaned. So 5 stars for this one - a simple, inexpensive filter that works. Having a submerged filter that sits on the bottom of the pond is a bit inconvenient for cleaning but that is what allows it to run all winter.
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