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AWG - Variable Speed Controller w/Wireless Remote for Asynchronous Pumps - TWVSC

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AWG - Variable Speed Controller w/Wireless Remote for Asynchronous Pumps - TWVSC

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The new TidalWave VSC turns our asynchronous pumps into variable speed pumps. Featuring a remote control for 2.4 GHz access up to 100 feet away, our waterproof control box allows you to drop to 25% of the total flow in 10 levels of adjustment, set on and off times and reduce the wattage of the connected pump. Best of all if the remote control is lost of broken, you can still manage all functions from the control box.

Vary the output of our asynchronous pumps wirelessly by remote control! Unlike integrated variable speed controllers, where any failure of pump or controller renders everything non-operational, our Variable Speed Controller operates separately from the pump. The VSC allows you to set both on and off times as well as drop to 25% of the total flow, in 10 levels of adjustment. Overriding the control box with the remote control does not change the settings; pump will return to the preset on/off times after the next cycle. When powering on, the Variable Speed Controller sends full power to the pump to get it started and then dials it back down to the level it was on when last turned off.

  • Model: TWVSC
  • Description: Variable Speed Controller w/ wireless remote for asynchronous pumps
  • Includes: Battery operated remote (batteries not included)
  • Warranty: 3 year limited manufacturer
  • Dimensions: 4"L x 6"W x 2"H
  • Instruction Manual .PDF

VSC Features:
  • Customize the flow of any TidalWave Asynchronous pump
  • Digital read out displays time of day and on/off times
  • 2.4GHz Wireless remote control
  • Integrated clock with programmable start/stop times
  • 10 levels of flow adjustment from 25% - 100%
  • Turn pump on/off and adjust flow via control panel or wireless remote.
  • Rugged weatherproof housing
  • 6 foot power cord
  • Works with TT-Series and TW-Series pumps up to 800 watts


AWG's Variable Speed Controller is as easy to synchronize as it is to control. To synchronize the remote to the VSC, simply plug in the control box and it will automatically search for the nearest remote control. Touching any button on the remote will immediately synchronize it to the control box. To synchronize multiple units to one remote, simply plug in the additional control box you want to synchronize and touch any button on the remote you want to pair with it.

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AWG - Variable Speed Controller w/Wireless Remote for Asynchronous Pumps - TWVSC