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Aqua Ultima II Bead Filter - 30,000 Model - 3" Side Mount Valve - A50301

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Aqua Ultima II Bead Filter - 30,000 Model - 3" Side Mount Valve - A50301

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The Ultima II does the work of two filters combining both biological and mechanical filtration into one compact package. The Ultima II filter uses a tubular patented media with a very high surface area; this exceptional design feature protects beneficial bacteria during backwash and prevents clumping. The Ultima II filter is preseeded with bacteria, which helps to jump start the filter's growth of beneficial bacteria. Simply by rotating the valve the patented cyclonic backwash system does the dirty work for you. In just minutes the internal jets clean the filter for you.

Independent laboratory and Field testing has shown the Ultima II out performs all other filters on the market.
  • 3" Side Mount Inlet and Outlet
  • Dimensions: 30-1/2" x 48-1/2" x 39-3/4" High
  • Side mount valve
  • Heavy Flow Rate
  • Media will not "Clump Together"
  • Rated at 38 PSI Max
  • Minutes to Backwash
  • Can Be Buried
  • Heavy Fish Loads
  • Limited 1 Year manufacturer's warranty  (see manual for limitations)
  • Additional Information:

    The Ultima II 30000 was designed for bodies of water from 20,000 - 30,000 gallons.

    Optimal flow rate: 15,000 GPH @ 10' of head height.
    Direct drive self priming pumps are recommended such as external pumps.

    Minimum flow rate: 10,000 GPH and a maximum flow of 20,400 GPH

    The high flow rate allows you to circulate your pond once every hour, giving you the optimal turn over rate to keep your fish healthy and your pond clear.

    What makes the Ultima II Filter Different?

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    How is the Ultima II Filter different than a bead filters?

    Bead filters use raw pellets
    Bead filter manufactures just take these inexpensive pellets and load them into a filter body as is. The wax based plastic and smooth shape encourages clumping which is an inherent problem in bead filters. Some bead filter owners have been forced to backwash every day to prevent this clumping.  When the beads stick together, water and waste pass around the large mass making much of the beads surface inaccessible. This allows untreated ammonia and solids to pass right through and return to the pond.

    Ultima Media is specifically designed to support aquatic life
    Using non wax based plastic Aqua Ultraviolet extrudes a patented media with the highest surface area of any on the market. The small tubular design has ridges on the outside and a cross section on the inside increasing bio surface area and preventing clumping. The ridged design helps to create a dense bed for superior trapping of solids that is easily separated during the backwash.

    How can the  Ultima II filters be smaller than bead filters and handle more fish
    The Ultima II patented media design has 800 cubic feet of surface area per square foot. This is the highest surface area of any product on the market. The high surface area means less volume of media is needed so the filter itself can be smaller.  

    Ultima II Demonstration and Backwash Video:


    Ultima II Backwash Video - 2:58
    This video explains how the Ultima Backwash System works.

    Click here for the Aqua Ultima II Instruction Manual

    Ships from Temecula, CA - Please allow a few extra days for build time and transit time. Ships via Truck Freight

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    Aqua Ultima II Bead Filter - 30,000 Model - 3" Side Mount Valve - A50301