PowerJet 2400 Waterfall Pump and Fountain Head Kit - 2400 GPH - PT8216

PowerJet 2400 Waterfall Pump and Fountain Head Kit - 2400 GPH - PT8216
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Laguna PowerJet 2400 Pump with 2 Fountain Heads, Adjustable Diverter Valve and Click Fit Adapter - 2400 GPH

This PowerJet is ideal for use with filtration systems and for creating waterfalls and streams and comes equipped with a diverter valve with flow control, riser stem and two fountainheads. Easy to install and operate, the pump is completely submersible and engineered to run continuously. It is powered by a magnetic-driven motor and is designed to circulate water loaded with moderate amounts of solid particles (or solids) and transport them to suitable external filter systems (including pressurized filters). The pumps magnetic-driven motor, energy efficiency, and user friendliness are at this pumps best features. This new generation of Smart Pump Technology (SPT) an integral self-regulating system that tracks power consumption, hydraulics, and impeller direction to ensure powerful output and energy efficiency so that only the required amount of power is used to operate the pump efficiently.

Several advantages including:

  • Mag-Drive Motor
  • Energy Efficiency
  • 3-Tier Fountain Head
  • Waterbell Fountain Head
  • Extendable and Adjustable Riser Stem
  • Pivoting Riser Stem Allows Surface Leveling of fountain Head
  • Two separate flow controls, each one independently adjusts water flow to fountainhead and waterfall
  • User Friendliness
  • 5/16" Diameter Cage Openings for Solids Handling Capability
  • Strainer Cage Protects Impeller and Assures Continuous Suction
  • Easy-to-use Click-Fit Connectors for Fast and Easy Hose Connections
  • Pump Cage can be Easily Attached to a fixed surface using the convenient keyhole cutouts, located on the bottom of the pump cage
  • Ergonomic pump handle for a safe grip and easy transportation
  • Made in Italy
  • 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty


  • Manufacturer's Part # PT8216
  • Flow Rate: 2400 GPH
  • Max Head Height: 12'-1"
  • Max Pond Volume: 4800 Gallons
  • Wattage: 84 Watts
  • Voltage: 120V / 60 Hz
  • Amperage: 1.25 Amps
  • Power Cord Length: 16 ft
  • Click Fit Outlet Adapter Diameter: 3/4", 1", 1 1/4"
  • Solid Handling Particle Size: 5/16"

Replacement Parts List: PT391, PT764, PT468, PT739, PT443, PT447, PT628, PT617, PT609, PT654, PT662, PT637, PT638, PT640

PowerJet Instruction Manual
Ceramic Shaft Assembly Removal Instruction Manual


  • (1) PowerJet Pump with Pump Cage
  • (1) Diverter Valve (PT628)
  • (1) Riser Stem (PT617)
  • (1) 3-Tier Fountain Head (PT654)
  • (1) Waterbell Fountain Head (PT662)
  • (1) Click Fit Adapter (PT640)
  • (1) Ceramic Shaft Assembly Removal Tool

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