Pond AmQuel Plus + 5 Gallon Bottle

Pond AmQuel Plus + 5 Gallon Bottle
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Unfortunately the manufacturer has changed the formulation since they said there is a key ingredient that they no longer have access to. They said they will be reformulating the product in the future to be concentrated but for now they use the same part number as the concentrate and the product now treats only 38,400 gallons per bottle instead of 96,000 gallons that it used to treat. We decided it was best to discontinue this product for now and when Kordon starts making the more concentrated product again we will again order it in. We would like to suggest the following products for ammonia removal:

Microbe-lift - Dry Ammonia Remover, Microbe-lift Ammonia Remove, PondCare Ammo-Lock 2


Pond AmQuel+ is the latest development in state-of-the-art water conditioning technology. AmQuel+ has several fundamental purposes and benefits. Among AmQuel+ benefits are that it is easy to use and equally effective in fresh and salt water, and it does not affect the beneficial bacteria of the biological nitrogen cycle. AmQuel+ is compatible with all water conditioners and all Kordon medications and other medications on which it has been tested, and with all aquatic life - including live rock and reef tank inhabitants. Other benefits are that AmQuel+ does not affect pH (acidity and alkalinity), and does not discolor the water. Pond AmQuel+ has a long indefinite shelf life expected to be many years.
Product Description:
l. Its purpose in treating tap water when water is added or water changes are made is to detoxify chlorine and chloramines and its components (chlorine and ammonia) and to make the water safe for aquatic life free of these lethal toxins.

2. A primary purpose in aquariums and ponds is to protect aquarium and pond fishes and invertebrates by quickly eliminating (actually detoxifying) the harmful components of the biological nitrogen cycle - ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates without slowing the nitrogen cycle, or interfering with the beneficial bacteria involved, or depriving these bacteria of their food.

3. Also, in overcrowded aquariums and ponds where waste products from the fishes, etc., quickly collect, it can rapidly detoxify toxic organics.

4. Another purpose is to detoxify organic compounds that accumulate in the aquarium and pond water over time, including noxious pheromones released by fish and aquatic invertebrates to signal and repel each other. This is specially important for reducing the frequency of needed water changes. Many larger freshwater and saltwater aquarium fishes release pheromones to establish territoriality and repel other fishes. This is particularly true in fresh water for cichlids and plectognath fishes (triggers, filefish, puffers, boxfish) in salt water.

Direction for use:
For control of chlorine alone in public water supplies (e.g, tap water) add one ounce per 150 gallons of fresh or salt water to remove in excess of what is in public water supplies (public water supplies have less than 3 ppm chlorine).

For all other purposes use measurements in proportion to a "Standard Dose" of AmQuel+, which is one teaspoon (5 ml) per 30 gallons of fresh or salt water, or one liquid ounce (25 ml) per 150 gallons of water, or one cup (8 liquid ounces = 200 ml)) per 1200 gallons of water, or one pint (16 liquid ounces = 400 ml) per 2400 gallons of water. For other measurements estimate the amounts needed, such as 1/4 teaspoon for 2.5 gallons of water, etc.

To remove chloramines (chlorine and ammonia combined) out of the tap from public water supplies add one Standard Dose (see definition above) to the water to break the bond between the chlorine and ammonia, to remove all the chlorine, and to remove all ammonia that may be in public water supplies. Only one dose is needed for removing all chloramines and their components from public water supplies.

To control the toxic organic nitrogenous compounds of ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate and other toxic organics that build up in aquariums and ponds from the excretion of body wastes by fishes, invertebrates, bacteria and other aquatic organisms start with a Standard Dose (see definition above). This Standard Dose will remove (detoxify) at least 1.2 mg/L (= approx.1,2 ppm) of all ammonia compounds, at least 2.0 mg/L (=2.0 ppm) of nitrites, and at least 13 mg/L (=13 ppm) of nitrates. We recommend only one standard dose per 24 hour period. The removal of these compounds will happen within five minutes, or slightly longer for ammonia at a higher pH above 7.5. It is important to understand that the amounts of organic compounds removed may vary with differing water conditions. The amounts indicated above are the minimums that AmQuel will detoxify, and what is removed may be up to several times higher. Use accurate test kits to check how much of each compound is being removed when using multiple doses. Be aware that test strips may be insufficient to provide accurate readings; check liquid and powder reagents to be sure that they are not out-of-date.

AmQuel+ is harmless to plants, fishes, invertebrates, and other aquatic life forms. This product is safe for use in aquariums and ponds and will not interfere with biological filtration or its bacteria. When AmQuel+ detoxifies ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and other organic compounds, it breaks the links of molecules apart. The bacteria do not know the difference and eat the parts, just as they would the whole original compounds.

5 Gallon (640oz)  Bottle Treats up to 96,000 Gallons per Bottle


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