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Pond Prep 2.75lb Jar

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Pond Prep 2.75lb Jar

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KORDON'S PondĚPrep is a dry powder that should be added when setting up a new pond or when restarting a completely cleaned pond. PondĚPrep sets up the pond completely, making it ready for proper nitrification to begin and preparing the water for the fishes. For the initial start up, no additional chemicals are needed, PondĚPrep will remove all chlorine, chloramines, ammonia from new water and it helps detoxifies copper and other related heavy metals often found in tap water. PondĚPrep will add needed electrolytes and skin slime replenishers to prevent or minimize stress on the newly added fishes.
Product Description:
  • - Stabilizes alkalinity
  • - Replaces lost skin slime
  • - Aids in the establishment of biological filtration
  • - Reduces shock and stress
  • - Removes ammonia, chloramines & chlorine
  • - Adds essential minerals

PondĚPrep reduces the toxicity of nitrite and provides trace elements needed to establish and maintain biological filtration. PondĚPrep supplies the electrolytes and minerals needed by fishes in new pond water. It adds buffering components to help boost and maintain the necessary acid-neutralizing capacity (alkalinity) of the water.

When used as directed, a single dose of PondĚPrep will remove 1 mg/l of ammonia, up to12.6 mg/l of chloramines, and 3.75 mg/l of total chlorine. PondĚPrep will detoxify up to 1.0 mg/l copper and reduce or eliminate the toxicity of other heavy metals. PondĚPrep's polymers help minimize stress and infection.

PondĚPrep does not interfere with fishes' breathing nor does it reduce dissolved oxygen levels. PondĚPrep does not contain any live bacteria or bacterial spores; it does not contain any phosphates, copper, formaldehyde, plant sap, drugs nor dyes. PondĚPrep will interfere with the proper readings of Nessler-type ammonia test kits; for ammonia testing use a salicylate-type test kit such as Kordon's AquaTru« Ammonia (Salicylate) Test Kit.

For subsequent water changes and water additions use Pond NovAqua« and Pond AmQuel«. Use Pond NovAqua when introducing new fishes to your pond. If fishes suffer extensive bruises or damaged skin and scales after handling, use Kordon's Pond PolyAqua« as a healing aid.

Direction for use:
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: To properly condition water in either a new pond or a freshly cleaned pond, add the appropriate amount to about 1 gallon of water. Stir to form a slurry and distribute the slurry throughout the pond. Rinse the container to ensure all of the PondĚPrep powder is added to the pond water. For smaller volumes of water (e.g. indoor ponds) add PondĚPrep at the rate of 1 level teaspoonful for each 20 gallons of pond water. 

2.75lb Size Treats up to 5000 gallons

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Pond Prep 2.75lb Jar