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GreenClean Tablets - 8Lb

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GreenClean Tablets - 8LbGreenClean Tablets - 8Lb
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GreenClean Tablets - 8Lb

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Start the season by applying tablets to your pond early in the spring and keep them on hand all season long. GreenClean Tablets are a great choice to keep your pond clear and clean.


  • Manufacturer's Part # 3007-8
  • Product size: 8 lbs
  • Easy Measuring
  • Great for Waterfalls or Anywhere Debris Accumulates
  • Use as Part of Your Maintenance Program
  • Same formula as GreenClean Granular Algaecide in the convenience of a tablet.
  • Treats, Controls, and Prevents Algae Growth
  • Alternative to copper chemicals
  • Not harmful to fish and aquatic life!
  • Product Label with Dosage Information .PDF

Product Dosage:

Apply tablets to pond according to recommended rates.

When applying GreenClean Tablets distribute evenly throughout the pond. Recommended Rates
200 Gallons: 1 Scoop
400 Gallons: 2 Scoop
600 Gallons: 3 Scoop
800 Gallons: 4 Scoop
1,000 Gallons: 5 Scoop
1,200 Gallons: 6 Scoop

GreenClean Tablets are a maintenance product. For extreme pond clean outs, first use GreenClean Granular or GreenCleanFX Liquid Algaecide. Wait one week to apply GreenClean Tablets.

Apply GreenClean Tablets according to recommended rates. When applying GreenClean Tablets, distribute evenly throughout the pond.

Product FAQ

Q: Where can I use GC Tablets?
A: GC Tablets can be used in any water feature such as water gardens, ornamental waterfalls, and fountains.

Q: How do GC Tablets work?
A: GC Tablets works through a powerful oxidation reaction and breaks down algae and organic debris.

Q: What size are GC Tablets?
A: GC Tablets are about the size of the eraser from a pencil. Or about 7mm x 8mm

Q: Should I Use GC Tablets Throughout the Season?
A: Yes. GC Tablets can be used through the season as part of a preventive program.

Q: How Do I Know How Many Gallons I Have in My Pond?
A: You can determine how many gallons by measuring length (L), width (W), and average depth (D) in feet (ft) or meters (m) and calculate volume using one of the following formula: Square/Rectangular: L(ft) x W(ft) x D(ft) x 7.5 = Gallons OR Circular/Elliptical: L(ft) x W(ft) x D(ft) x 5.9 = Gallons.

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GreenClean Tablets - 8Lb